Live Judges

Our live judging panel will be at the Boulder Theater to watch the performances and score the competitors. The judges have years of experience from teaching, performing, competing, and judging, and we are so happy to have them with us this year. All three judges will also be teaching workshops in the Boulder/Denver area.

Shaina Cruea

Originally from Virginia Beach, VA, Shaina has studied various forms of dance for over 25 years. Her professional training began in high school when she was selected to attend the VA Governors School for the Arts. After performing in numerous productions, Shaina decided to further her knowledge of dance and its history by attending Old Dominion University and obtaining her BA in Dance Performance. While in college, Shaina continued to hone her technique and performance abilities with Virginia-based contemporary ballet/modern dance companies from 2004-2009. In 2010, Shaina made the move to NYC in search of new opportunities in the dance world.

In October of 2012, Shaina took her first pole dance class at Body & Pole taught by a friend from her high school dance days, Marlo Fisken. She immediately fell in love with the combination of athleticism and grace and was selected to participate in the 2013 work/study program at Body & Pole of NYC. After completing the program, Shaina joined the Body & Pole staff as an elevatED-certified pole instructor. Known for her “legs for days” and stylized contemporary pole dance choreography, Shaina shares her passion through the aerial dance company AERA, her competitive performances and with her students.

Derick Pierson

Derick Pierson began his pole dancing and circus career almost five years ago. Starting later in life due to injuries generated by car accidents, he developed a “never give up attitude.” As an ex-cheerleader he has a very competitive drive and a background in tumbling. At the age of eighteen he commenced training with the South Florida Circus Arts School in Miami Florida. He has trained in contortion, trapeze, silks, lyra, passion, and aerial cube.

Discovering his love for pole Derick started through both self-teaching, and then branching out to find Allison Sipes, his teacher, and friend. With her help he started his competitive pole career. Derick is now the Male National Aerial Pole Art Champion 2013, and has placed in numerous international competitions. Derick was voted in Pole Dance International Magazine as best new artist, best pole flexibility, and best over all male performer. Derick was an assistant master instructor with the certification program X-Pert.

Jordan Kensley

Jordan Kensley is a California-based pole dancer and instructor. She discovered pole dancing from a Youtube video in the summer of 2012 and, with no prior movement experience, decided then and there that she needed to be able to “do that”. From that first spark of interest, her passion for pole has grown and she has become a resident instructor at the world famous studios: BeSpun, Cleo’s Rock’n’Pole, and The Vertitude, as well as a touring instructor internationally. Jordan strives to embody the athlete, the artist, and the goddess in every dance. Her goal as an instructor is to help her students realize those same qualities in themselves. The journey through her Pole Dancing career has made her appreciate movement, especially in the form of free styling, heel clacks, and her signature sexy ballistic style. She has met so many inspiring people within this community and is looking forward to meeting many more in the years to come.

Online Judges

Our online judging panel will watch and score your application videos, and provide you with feedback on what you did well
and what you can improve. These three polers have experience from national and international competitions, teaching,
performing, and judging, and we are so excited to have them on our team this year!

Carlie Hunter

Carlie Hunter has been a pole dance instructor since 2005 and is the proud owner of The Pole Boutique in Adelaide, Australia. She has used her experience as a performer, personal trainer and group dance and fitness instructor to develop her teaching style and classes. She holds a certificate 3 and 4 in fitness, has over 16 years experience teaching both dance and fitness classes in various styles, as well as experience in different platforms of the performance industry. Carlie is the 2016 Miss Pole Dance Australia Winner, 2013 IPC Ultimate Doubles Champions Winner, 2012 Australian Pole Championships Winner, along with a list of titles so long that we can’t name them all here!

Slava Ruza

Slava Ruza is originally from Latvia, but now lives in Stockholm, Sweden where he trains and teaches at North Pole Dance. He has trained in many dance styles, including ballroom, ballet, and show dance, and still performs regularly with dance company Opera Light. Slava discovered pole dance in 2013, and since then it has become a big part of his life. He has won many titles, including 2015 U.S. Aerial Men’s Champion, 2015 IPC Men’s Pole Art Champion, and just this year the titles of Pole Theatre World Pole Art Champion and Pole Theatre Scandinavia Professional Overall Champion along with his doubles partner Anna Valfsson.

Maggie Ann

Maggie Ann, from Central Massachusetts, has been involved in athletics (soccer) throughout her entire youth. In 2012, Maggie sought out something to do to surprise a long distance boyfriend and decided pole dancing would be a fun, different and sexy option. In the end, she fell out of love with the boyfriend and madly in love with the art of pole. Maggie went from pupil to lead instructor, and in that same year, avid competitor. Her determination, forward thinking, creative performances and thorough teachings have earned her a loyal student and fan base. Maggie manages and instructs at Paradigm Pole Fitness in Worcester, MA.